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Late Night Hunger Management...

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

If you are trying to lose weight, the evenings can often be one of the hardest times of the day to battle food cravings.

There are lots of things that you do however to manage these cravings and not derail your progress too much.

1) DO NOT keep high calorie, tempting things in the house that are really quick and easy to eat without any consideration. Most of the time if you had to go out and get it you wouldn’t bother eating it. It is when things are too quickly accessible that we mindlessly eat them.

2) Stock up on some lower calorie, healthier snacks that you can eat instead.

3) Try and make sure you eat lots of veg with your dinner as this will keep you fuller for longer on a lower amount of calories.

4) Keep hydrated as we often confuse dehydration for hunger.

5) Brush your teeth, as this often curbs hunger and also the desire for sugary foods.

6) Realise that a bit of hunger isn’t such a bad thing. When we are hungry are body is more likely to be burning fat. Hunger doesn’t stick around for ages and you can often learn to manage it and stop the late night binging.

As long as you have eaten your target calories for the day it will do you no harm to be hungry for a short period of time. It will actually help you to hit your goals. Sometimes it is just re-training how we approach these feelings of hunger.

For any more tips, questions or food suggestions please get in touch :)

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