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Eating Out When Trying To Lose Weight...

Eating out at a restaurant or even fast food place, doesn’t mean that it needs to hinder weight loss progress.

So many restaurants now list their foods nutritional values on their websites so that you can check for foods that are higher calorie or better to stay away from.

Not everywhere does this but when they do you should take full advantage! If they don’t you can still look ahead at the menu and try and make a healthier choice, whilst still enjoying eating out.

Simple things like asking for foods to be grilled instead of fried can save a lot of calories. I even realised recently when going for a curry than you can ask for your dish to be cooked low fat. This meant they used a lower fat oil to cook the dish with (never knew this until recently!).

The photo here is an example of a menu I looked at for one of my clients the other day. There are no good and bad foods here, but we looked for something that would keep her calories within her daily limit or very close to it.

This makes losing weight so much more manageable and makes you feel like you are in control of the process.

Not everywhere will have the perfect option for you, but planning ahead can make a big difference to how quickly you do or don’t make progress!

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