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What people say about T Wood Fitness...

Adam S.

Very highly recommended! Tom’s knowledge and enthusiasm will be very difficult to beat. He’s very easy to work with and knows what is best for you to work towards and reach your specific needs and individual goals. I have had many good sessions with Tom and he has advised me no end to help me reach my goals both in and out of the gym.

Ben W.

Would highly recommend Tom. I had a block of five sessions with him and he clearly knows his stuff, explaining the training programme clearly, along with how to use the gym equipment properly. Can’t recommend him enough!

Catherine A.

I’ve just completed the 8 week transformation programme with Tom. The support, advice and plans Tom provided far exceeded my expectations. I’m really pleased I took the plunge, despite being really nervous about doing so, as even enquiring about it took me out my comfort zone.

It’s a new way of life, not just for 8 weeks, feeling healthier, fitter and stronger with the confidence to push myself more!

Catherine B.

Training with Tom has had huge impact on my health and well-being. Apart from the visible changes I feel so much better. Eg no longer sluggish when I get up in the mornings, no longer out of breath going up stairs and I feel sharper mentally too! It didn't even take very long for these positive changes to start to occur. It also gives you a boost when people start noticing the weight loss. After a few years of struggling with my weight I now know I wasn't doing the right things. That's where Tom's expertise has been invaluable. It's the best "investment" I've made in a long time. His sessions are so enjoyable I look forward to them. They are very varied and I like how he explains the science behind the various exercises in a clear simple way. I have also learnt a lot about nutrition from him. Thanks so much Tom!

Chris G.

Have been working with Tom for several weeks, he's very professional and designs your PT Programme to suit your fitness levels and goals, Tom is very friendly keeps it fun and interesting and really motivates you! Nothing is too much trouble. Thanks Tom for all your hard work!

Heather B.

Would highly recommend and only have good things to say about Tom. I have been training with Tom for a couple of months now, he is very approachable and makes you feel at ease and comfortable when training. He will do a training and nutrition plan tailored to your own goals which really helps, where you can also track your workouts through an app, allowing him to track what I’m doing outside of the one to one sessions. I am loving training with Tom and am seeing results already. We have regular check in’s to make sure I am on track and if I have any questions he always there to help. Best PT around!

Gavin N.

Great support from Tom. Can't wait for the next sessions. Support and advice from Tom was superb. Can't praise him enough!

George B.

Couldn’t recommend Tom enough. Me and Tom have been training for 4 months now. I have seen really good results with Tom’s help, with still more to come! He will note down everything you do together and send it you. Make you a personalised training plan and nutrition plan. He has made the gym much more enjoyable for me!

Grace F.

Tom has been absolutely fantastic with me, he's knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic about his job. For someone who's never liked training and gyms Tom has made training enjoyable and fun and I can't thank him enough for his kindness and patience with me.

Jo P.

Excellent PT, friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend!

Dan H.

I’ve had several PT sessions with Tom now and I’d highly recommend him. I had hit a plateau with my training and he helped get me motivated again. Never thought I’d use a PT but the results speak for themselves.

Marcus L.

I've been training with Tom for almost a year and a half now and I've made so much progress thanks to him. I would definitely not enjoy going to the gym so much if I hadn't signed up with Tom. He is engaging, responsive and keeps me motivated while keeping things fun and interesting

Marie M.

I have only recently started to exercise again and was lucky enough to have my gym induction and a free PT session with Tom. Tom is very approachable, friendly and helps you quickly feel at ease. I have now started a 10 week programme of PT sessions with Tom and already feel healthier and stronger. I am excited for the challenges ahead and feel confident knowing I have Tom's support.

Natalie M.

Tom is very supportive, gets what motivates people and goes further than personal training into nutrition and lifestyle too. I heartily recommend Tom as he has helped me achieve my goals.

Ross D.

I started going to the gym this year, Tom took my induction and set me up with a training and nutrition plan in line with my goals. He has helped me to get stronger, healthier and more confident. He’s always helpful, motivating and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Richard H-J.

Tom has helped me to lose one and a half stone to get down to 12 stone over a three month period. He really helped with all the aspects of weight loss and improving my overall strength and fitness. The workouts in the gym with Tom were great and his regular check ins with me throughout the week really helped me keep on track. Tom was also really helpful advising on nutrition. Working with Tom has really changed how I look and feel. Thanks so much Tom.

Rachael P.

I am over the moon with the results in the 8 weeks transformation programme with Tom. It was more of a change in the way of thinking about food as well as having a more structured exercise plan! Tom was a great support during the 8 weeks and beyond. I continue to use the exercise and food plan. I cannot recommend Tom enough if you want to make a difference and are willing to make small changes that can make a big difference. Thank you Tom for helping me get the results I did and continued encouragement!

Sharon S.

Have been doing some training sessions now with Tom over the past 6 months or so and have really noticed the difference in my ability to push through and achieve so much more than I would do on my own! He’s calm and level headed but knows just how to tap into my slightly competitive streak and puts my workout onto another level. Would definitely recommend getting some sessions booked in if you want to achieve more out of your gym routine and get a programme together that will help you stay motivated.

Sue W.

I have been training with Tom for over a year now. He is very patient, always encouraging and motivating. He regularly checks in to ensure that you are confident in your training alone and he always gets you to achieve much more than you thought possible by updating and altering the program.
Tom is knowledgeable and generous with his time and expertise.

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