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Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training PT in Warwickshire

Group training is generally for two people who want to train together and want face to face contact with a Personal Trainer. This works very well for two people who share the same goals but still want a Personalised Training Programme and Nutrition Plan. Similarly to one to one training, group training ranges from 2-3 sessions per week.


Training sessions can take place in a gym environment or at home*. A full consultation would take place prior to training together and is included in the cost of each package. Please get in touch to arrange your free consultation or to make an enquiry. 

Group Personal Training (Based on 2 People),

Monthly Cost £TBC

All the above monthly options include a Training Programme and Nutrition Plan which is reviewed regularly throughout the plan to help groups drop body fat and increase strength. Book Online today.

*Group Personal Training at home or mobile would need to be discussed to check suitability, but can be offered.

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